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General FAQ

Why I need to register my copy of software?

Tryout version displays nag screens and adds the 'Unregistered ScreenVirtuoso' watermark to each recorded / converted video. The full version has no these limitations. You need to purchase a product to get a full version. You receive your personal license # by e-mail when you transaction is processed. The E-mail also contains instructions how to download a full version of product. See our Upgrade Policy & Subscription to learn more about upgrades and subscription.

I have lost my license #. How can I restore it?

If you have lost your license number Contact Us and tell us your name and your order number. We will send you the license number by e-mail.

I noticed a new version of ScreenVirtuoso on your site. Is it a free upgrade?

It depends. See our Upgrade Policy & Subscription page for to learn more.

Do you offer discounts for educational organisations?

Now we offer initial 50% discount for educational organizations. Please contact us for more information. See our Upgrade Policy & Subscription page to learn more.

Where can I find the latest version of ScreenVirtuoso?

You can download the latest Demo versions of ScreenVirtuoso Standard/PRO from our site:
ScreenVirtuoso PRO: http://www.fox-magic.com/download/svirtpro.zip
ScreenVirtuoso Standard: http://www.screenvirtuoso.com/download/svirt.zip
To download the latest Full versions you must have a license. Upgrade Policy & Subscription

I have ScreenVirtuoso at my work. Do I need to buy additional licenses to use it at home?

You do not need to buy additional licenses as long as you are the only user of ScreenVirtuoso, but each new user must purchase an additional license.

Technical Questions

What is the maximum AVI file size ( time of recording )?

No usual 2GB limit in SV 3.0 and higher! The maximum AVI file size is limited by the disk structure (4 Gb for FAT32, no limit for NTFS). Also no limits for the recording time.

To reduce a file size for demonstrations/tutorials, follow these simple rules:

1. Set the FPS=5-7. Usually it is enough for this type of video
2. Use the 'FM Screen Capture' codec. It is highly optimized for creating demonstrations/tutorials.
3. Set lower 'Key Frame' value.

Do not use our 'FM Screen Capture' codec for movies. Use XviD / DivX codecs instead.

How to disable the XviD's status window?

To disable this window click the Configure button on Video page, then click the Other Options button, and uncheck the Display encoding status check box.

Does ScreenVirtuoso support a sound recording?

ScreenVirtuoso allows you to record sound and synchronize it with video.
Make sure the Record Sound option on Video page is checked.
To record sound coming from other applications/internet choose a Mixer/What U Hear/Wave Out as the audio device/input on Audio page.

Video codec does not work.

Not all third party codecs can work with ScreenVirtuoso. By default, a codec combo box displays only 100% compatible codecs.
We advice you to use our FM Screen Capture codec for demonstrations/tutorials and XviD MPEG-4 codec for movies.
Usually this is enough.

What is a 'FM Screen Capture Codec'?

See the FM Screen Capture Codec article to learn more.

What kind of streaming video can ScreenVirtuoso record?

Internet, Media Player, webcam and more videos. We do not advice you to use ScreenVirtuoso to record video from DVD. See the Troubleshooting FAQ to understand a reason. Make sure the overlays are disabled on Video page (XP and lower) before you start the recording.

ScreenVirtuoso uses about 100% CPU!

Try to turn off the hardware acceleration. See the Troubleshooting section for instructions.
In some cases the hardware acceleration affects the CPU usage dramatically!
Note, ScreenVirtuoso also uses a lot of CPU if you record a large screen area at high FPS (frames per second).
It also depends on power of your system. See the Performance article to learn more.

Do I need a special hardware for ScreenVirtuoso?

You do not need a special hardware. But systems with a low performance may result in a low record rate (frames per second). See our Performance article to learn more.

What are the system requirements for ScreenVirtuoso?

Vista, XP, 2000, 98, Me, 256 MB RAM. If you have problems with a new SceenVirtuoso 3.x-4.x on old systems, try the old version.

What is the maximum FPS value (frames per second)?

The result FPS value depends on many things: hardware performance, size of area to capture, video codec and more. Click the Test button on Video page to evaluate the performance. See our Performance article to learn more.

FLV/SWF file is to large. Is it possible to reduce it?

To reduce a file size, follow our advices:

1. Use the Screen Video lossless codec for demonstrations/tutorials and the H.263 lossy codec for movies.
2. Reduce a bitrate value for video/audio.
3. Reduce a video size (Width x Height).

I can not run ScreenVirtuoso. Error message box appears.

Try to execute the Tools | Restore Default Settings command.
If it does not help, please contact us.

What are the Key Frames? How they affect video?

When a frame is saved in AVI file, it can either be saved as a full frame, or only partially as a difference to the previous frame. The key frame rate specifies how often full frames are written to the AVI file. A low value means you can fast forward/rewind to a particular frame in your movie much faster. But it also means a higher file size.

What is a temporal compression?

Codecs that utilize temporal compression store only differences between frames. When the frame differences are small from frame to frame, it makes the file size much smaller (demo, tutorials). Note, not all codecs support a temporal compression. FM Screen Capture Codec supports it. Key frame and Temporal Compression are related concepts (see previous FAQ).

Video quality is not good.

Video quality depends on selected codec. Try to configure codec by clicking the Configure button. Our FM Screen Capture Codec is a lossless video compressor. Quality always equals 100%. Video quality also depends on media Player mode. For example, overlays make video worse. Turn overlays off in Media Player if it is possible.


The result of recording is a black screen.

Disable overlays by setting the Overlays: Disable the Hardware Acceleration mode on Video page.
If the result movie is still a 'black screen', turn off the hardware acceleration (Windows 2000/XP):

- Go to the Start Menu and select Settings/Control Panel.
- From the list view, select Display Properties and select the last page titled Settings.
- Find the Advanced button and then choose Troubleshooting.
- There you will find a slider control for hardware acceleration.
  Move that slider to None, then click the OK button.

Video & Audio are not synchronized.

It seems your audio card skips some audio samples for some reason. It results in synchronizatyon problems (audio is shorter than video).
Try to increase an audio buffer size on Audio page.
Click >> button to aceess additional audio parameters and make audio buffer larger.

ScreenVirtuoso does not record sound.

1. Make sure the Record Sound option on Video page is checked.
2. Make sure you choose a valid audio device/input on Audio page.
3. If you still have problems, please read this article.

Bad audio quality.

If you record sound, coming from other application, make sure the audio input is not a microphone! More...

Video is choppy.

This is a performance problem.
It seems a power of your computer is not enough to record a given screen area at a given FPS value (frames per second). Use the Test button on Video page to evaluate a performance (real FPS value).
See the Performance article to learn more.

DivX codec does not work.

DivX / XviD MPEG-4 codecs require a screen area alignment.
Go to the Screen page, click the More button and enter 8 in the Alignment field. Then try again.

Error on start: 'This program has been damaged. Possible by a bad sector of the hard drive or a virus'

Anti-virus or anti-spyware software displays this message by mistake. You need to adjust your anti-virus/spyware programs or upgrade them. Try to disable anti-virus/spyware scanning for ScreenVirtuoso.

Program crashes on start

Perhaps our security code conflicts with another software installed on your system (for example, anti-virus). Please contact us. We will try to help you.

Unexpected Error

Please send us a bug report:

1. Click the Tools | Debug menu command.
2. Set the Trace Level = 9.
3. Restart ScreenVirtuoso.
4. Reproduce the error.
5. Click the Help | Send Bug Report menu command.
6. Follow the instructions on the screen.