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ScreenVirtuoso is available in two editions: Standard and PRO. The following table highlights the differences between them:

Feature PRO Standard
Screen Area Selection (rectangle, window, show selection)
Video Setup (file name, video compressor, frame rate and more)
Multiple Video Codecs (popular XviD, DivX, and more)
Audio Setup (audio device, audio input, audio compressor and more)
Multiple Audio Codecs (MP3, Windows Media Audio and more)
Control Panel (to control the recording)
Overlays Disabling (to record videos from Internet or Media Player)
Area Moving (shifts a screen area during the recording)
Performance Test (tests the recording speed in real FPS)
Pause/Resume Commands (to pause/resume the recording)
Video Annotation (adds notes to videos)
FM Screen Capture Codec (lossless video codec for tutorials)
AVI Conversion (changes video/audio codec and more)
Start/Stop Timer
Monolithic Architecture (no instatallation required)
Multiple Monitor Support
Allows to scale videos on the fly
Watch & Decide Mode  
FLV/SWF Converter (publish your videos on the Web as FLASH movies)  
MPEG Converter ( MPEG 1/2/4, VCD/SVCD/DVD compatible formats)  
WMV Converter (alternative method to publish video on the Web)  
AVI Plus Editor  
Command Line Interface  
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Advanced Video & Audio Synchronization
Customizable Interface
Bugs report automation
FTP Manager