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Jorge Guillen
I took just a few minutes to fall in love with Screen Virtuoso Pro. The minimalist concept of the program makes help files unnecessary.
James Womack
The software is wonderful and more than worth what you charge for it. I find it very useful, fast, and simple in my work. I’m not too bothered by what happened as long as the software works. It really is worth having for someone like me who works with many video files of various formats.
Mohammad Saeed
I can say the product is the best product that is fitting my requirement and applicable to my needs.
I really enjoy using your wonderful software!
Mike Ruest
Wow, a program that actually works! I love your software, and I have tried many others, I am so glad I've found it Googling and will definitely tell others.
Thanks for making a great product!
Cheri Shelton
I really like this tool, in general it is easier for me to use than Camtasia or similar tools.
Nathan Howland
I bought your software (wonderful so it is!) nearly three years ago now.
Apart from a few minor problems, I have always been extremely happy and recommended it on wherever the opportunity arose!
Dana Pearson
It works great and the application is excellent. Thanks!

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