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Dropped Frames

Sometimes we receive messages like this:

Screenvirtuoso produces .avi files, which play back fine in Windoes Media Player. However when the files from ScreenVirtuoso are viewed through a video editing program like Sony Vegas, they seems to be frequentLY 1-2 second black-outs in the video, about every five minutes, but the sound is fine.

This customer speaks about dropped frames.

When some video program (in our case ScreenVirtuoso) has no time to record all frames to video file, it generates dropped frames. Media Player does not display them. When it sees a dropped frame it displays a previous frame instead. You may consider them as dummy frames that exist only for video and audio synchronization. Video editor may display them (see the picture above).

ScreenVirtuoso captures videos from the screen in real time. Real time is a main reason for dropped frames. It seems you can not avoid them at all in the video capture process because of very often the power of system is not enough to capture/compress all frames in real time. Many other reasons may affect the performance. Read our Performance article to learn more.

You can reduce a frequency of dropped frames by reducing the frame rate value on Video page.

Note, this is not an error. Almost all video capturing software sometimes generates dropped frames. One dropped frame per thousand is a normal value. For example, if you record rate is the 15 frames per second the result video can have a one dropped frame each minute. This is a normal value.

There are video editors/processors that do not display dropped frames. For example, FREE VirtualDub. If you open an AVI file in VirtualDub you will not see dropped frames. VirtualDub simply marks them as [D].

Is it possible to remove dropped frames from an AVI file?

Yes, it is possible. Use ScreenVirtuoso PRO Avi Plus video processor or a FREE VirtualDub to re-compress an AVI file by using the Full processing mode.