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The Test button on Video page allows you to perform a test recording and evaluate the recording performance. Below tips help you to improve the performance:

  • The most important things are the CPU, video card and hard drive. The higher the better. Software uses several threads, so the recording speed is higher on systems with two or more processors. SCSI controllers and hard drives are usually much faster than IDE ones. I f your machine has several disks, try to record to the fastest one. If you have an external disk (for example, USB hard drive), use it. External drives are better because of ScreenVirtuoso and Windows will use distinct drives (no conflicts)
  • If you have a slow computer, try to reduce the FPS (frames per second) value on Video page. Use the Test button to evaluate the recording speed, then set the FPS=TEST_VALUE or below. The smaller the FPS value, the more system resources are free (CPU, disks etc.). However, very small FPS value results in video jumping (video looks like a slide show). Use 5-7 FPS for demonstrations/tutorials and 15-30 FPS for movies.
  • A sound recording can slow down the recording speed.
  • If the selected compressor does not provide an appropriate speed, consider to use another compressor. Use our fast, lossless FM Screen Capture codec for demonstrations and tutorials. Use FREE XviD MPEG-4 codec for movies.
  • Try to record by using our FM Screen Capture video compressor, then click the Convert button to re-compress video to reduce its size. Usually FM Screen Capture video compressor works faster than others video compressors ( including DivX and XviD), but it may generate huge files with some videos. To reduce a video size, re-compress video after the recording is finished.
  • Consider to reduce a size of screen area to record. The lesser a screen area the higher the recording performance.
  • You can also increase a Key Frame value to increase the performance. Key Frame value affects the editing of AVI file. If the Key Frame value is very large it may cause problems if you are going to edit the result video. Note, not all codecs support key frames (temporary compression). Our FM Screen Capture video compressor supports key frames.
  • Close all working applications before you start the recording. Especially it is important to disable anti-virus and spyware software, Windows Defender etc.
  • Turn off the hardware acceleration (see the Troubleshooting page). In some cases it may increase the performance dramatically!
  • Try to turn off the flashing frame.

If our advices do not help you to improve the performance of recording, it seems you need to upgrade your hardware.